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Dear visitors! We are glad To welcome you on the website of GBUZ SK "City children's polyclinic №3" of the city of Stavropol.

The institution was established in 2007. GBUZ SK "City children's polyclinic №3" in Stavropol has a license from 2018 to carry out medical activities, issued by the Federal service for supervision of health and social development. The polyclinic provides primary health care for children and adolescents in the territory, according to Annex No. 2 of the order of the Ministry of health of the Stavropol territory of 07.03.2018 № 01-05/152 "On amendments to the order of health of the Stavropol territory of September 29, 2014 №01-05/632 "On the consolidation of service areas for medical organizations of the Stavropol territory involved in the implementation of the territorial program of state guarantees of free provision of medical care to citizens, for the provision of primary health care according to the divisional principle in territory of Stavropol territory".

Medical activities are carried out in 22 types. The planned capacity of the clinic is 457 visits per shift. Mode of operation of the clinic 2-shift, from 7.30. until 19.00. (reception of patients from 8.00. until 19.00.), on weekends and holidays, emergency medical care is provided by doctors on duty according to the approved schedules. Medical care for children is provided by district doctors, pediatricians on an outpatient basis and at home, pediatricians in educational institutions supervised by a polyclinic, doctors, specialists, in a day hospital, in a health Center. The number of the attached population as of 01.06.2018 was 25952 children aged 0-18 years.

Clinical and diagnostic laboratory GBUZ SK "GDP №3" Stavropol fully complies with the new concept of laboratory medicine, which provides a comprehensive examination of the patient at a high professional level. The laboratory of the polyclinic has a bacteriological Department, which allows to study various pathological materials obtained from patients.

Head of clinical and diagnostic laboratory of GBUZ SK "City children's polyclinic No. 3" of Stavropol, Elena Aliyeva-doctor of medical Sciences, Professor of clinical laboratory diagnostics with a course of bacteriology of Stavropol state medical University, is the chief freelance specialist in bacteriology of MH SK and the chief freelance specialist in clinical Microbiology and antimicrobial resistance skfo. Within the framework of her professional activity, E. V. Aliyeva conducts an Advisory reception on issues related to the rational administration of antimicrobial drugs in the treatment of diseases of microbial etiology, as well as with violations of microbiocinosis of the human body.

Modern diagnostics is largely based on the data of numerous instrumental studies. At the disposal of the Department of functional diagnostics of the polyclinic there are two new ultrasound scanners of expert class, which allow to perform all types of ultrasound, including echocardiography with Doppler analysis.

A new digital x-ray diagnostic stationary complex has been installed in the x-ray room of the SBUZ SC "GDP No. 3" in Stavropol. The complex allows to carry out such researches as digital radiography and linear tomography, provides work in the mode of computer technologies, archives the performed researches. Digital apparatus when performing research gives a minimum load, which is important in children's practice.


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